Love the Skin You’re in!

In this day and age we live in a society that makes it hard for us women to love the person that we are. Either it’s because we are too small, too big, hair not long enough, or what gets me the most growing up being too dark. As a child I never thought anything of my hair, skin, hair, or any other identifying feature that I have, it didn’t being to matter until about middle school. That’s when I started to get picked on for being skinny and being too dark but being praised about my hair. That’s when I became insure about myself and I really became hard on myself about every little detail. I thought that since everybody already liked my hair that if I could just reach a certain level of social beauty that they would like me. That if I could only gain a little weight and find away to become a few shades lighter I would be liked and I would fit in with the cool kids. I never considered myself to be beautiful, I took every little comment to heart and it really took a toll on my self-esteem. I have very low self-esteem all through out middle school and high school. I felt that I was too dark and that I was too skinny and that I would never be beautiful. But even when I took steps to become beautiful I was still talked about! When i thought putting on some weight would make me look better, I was called fat! When I started to lose weight they called me too skinny and thought that I was starving myself, it was a never ending battle. It seem to be that the only thing that I got and good feed back on was my hair but even then after awhile they started talking about that too. They would say that I think that I’m too cute because my hair was long. Coming to terms with the person that I am was  really hard, I have to over come the self image of myself that I could never become and being to love the me that God made. By my senior year I began to accept and even come to terms that I was dark and I would never get any lighter than this. The darker the sweeter the juice was probably was the most use phrase I heard when I started accepted being dark skin. I had to accept that my black  was beautiful and that I should never let anyone tell me anything different! As the years went along I became to love the person that I and began to accept the fact that I won’t always be everyones cup of tea but there is people out there that love me they way that I am and love the way that God made me and wouldn’t change a single ting about me! Yes there are days that I still feel down about myself and yes there are times that I wonder what my life would be like if I had reach that level of social beauty. Maybe just maybe my life would be that I would be happier, that I would have been more popular in school. But that doesn’t mean that I would change who I am, I love myself and the skin that I’m end. My black is bold, beautiful, strong, and brave.  And there’s nothing better than that! Be you be confidante and embrace the person you are! 


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