Expectations vs. Reality 

When things and events come up we normally have an idea of how we think it should play out already in our heads and most of the time it doesn’t happen that way. And we are okay but what happens it does happen that way? Why do we get so up tight and kind of stand off-ish to the situation that we created in our minds? I know for a fact that this just happen to me the other day. A wedding was coming up and I was thinking that I was going to get dressed up all nice and look great and somebody was going to ask for my number that night! Well, that’s exactly what happen! The wedding came and I got dressed up all nice and everything and I guess I caught the eye of one of the groomsmen and just as I was getting to leave the reception he pulled me to the side (well it was more like escorted me to the side) and asked me for my number and instead of being flattered at the time I was freaked out like how you just gone pull me away like that and just cold out ask me for my number? But as I sat and  actually thought about it that what people do all the time. We always have some type of how things are suppose to be and when they happen that way, or close to that way, we panic and become stand off-ish. Instead if realizing that this is what we wanted to happen and accept the situation as is we feel sone type of way about it and make a big deal about it. You see, I didn’t expect it to happen and let alone in the fashion that it did but when I sat down and thought and thought I actually did want something like that to happen and the fact that it happened while I was leaving  just shows that I was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed (sounds a like bit conceited but whatever). We never realize that what we want to happen never actually happens the exact way that we thought it should but sometimes it does happen. We think that it should happen the way that we want it or it’s not going to happen at all! Which is pretty messed up because nobody can read our thoughts so how can it happen the exact way you want it when no one knows how it do it. We get caught up in our thoughts and in our own minds that we forget that not everything is going to happen the way that you wanted, when you want it, or ever where you wanted it to happen. Life never works out the way that we want it, if it did we then it wouldn’t be life it’d be a plan. But that’s the fun of life not knowing how things are gong to play out having to go with the flow of things. That’s what makes life a challenge, facing what’s in front of you and finding away to deal with and overcoming it. I mean it’s cool to have expectations to what you want to happen but at the same time don’t let that get in the way of you having fun and getting things done. Stop worrying so much about what you think that should happen and start focusing what’s happening in the here and now and enjoy life!


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