Being the Bigger Person

In this day and age being the bigger person can be a challenge. With all the social media sites out throwing shad is so easy that it makes being a internet thug easy as pie. People like to put so much out on the internet to the point that you actually sit there and wonder why is this person putting all of this out there? When in real life we all know none of it is true! I find it funny that people what other people to be so impressed that they will post anything they think will get them respect. But they fail to realize that the people that actually know look at those things and know the truth about you. I’m going to get back to that a little later but when you post things that you got going on that you’re proud of there’s always going to be people that have negative things to say and sometimes those people are people you thought were your friends! They do what ever they can to bring you down and to throw all kinds of shad on your page and its like what do you do? It’s hard to be the bigger person when you know that you could easily say something to shut them up but why would you want to scoop to that level? It’s like everybody wants to be grown and be seen as an adult but the ones who are always posting and saying I’m grown, grown and sexy and I know it be the same ones who are always the ones who stay on social media starting drama or talking mess about other people. You see being an adult doesn’t come with age, it comes with mental maturity and a lot of people fail to realize that. People think that just because you are legally an adult in the sight of the government does not mean you are there mentally! What people fail to realize is the amount of things that you have or the fact that you have your own place at a certain age doesn’t make you grown! When in reality if you look at those people everything that have is threw the government(section 8, food stamps, etc.) which is nothing wrong with it but it becomes a problem when they take it out of hand. It becomes a problem when you broadcast what you can do with the extra money that you have since the government is paying for most of the things you should be taking care of. Being “grown” is a term people associate with age but being an adult comes when you are taking care of your business as a person. Therefore those people that call themselves grown may need to readjust them outlook on things and realize that they are legal but they aren’t fooling anybody when they say they are adults. When they sit on facebook and twitter waiting for some internet drama to pop up so they can start some drama with people who are working hard to  get to where they want to be in life. For the fact that there are people out here like that makes it hard for other people to be the bigger person and let things go. Because you already know that once you post just about anything you are going to have those who are going to come with the shady comments and be petty on what you post. Being the bigger person comes from being a mature person and a lot of people fail to realize that it doesn’t come with age but with experience in handling everyday life. Being the bigger person can be a challenge especially when you know things that can hurt that persons feelings  and shut them and stop them from posting anymore shady comments on your page. But choosing to take the high road shows that just because you can doesn’t mean you should, sometimes not saying something negative back is the best action you can take with those kinds of people. Growing and learning from life is way more fulfilling than holding on to certain things that have happen and stick with it. But not everyone knows that…………


11 thoughts on “Being the Bigger Person

  1. You sound mad and bitter. Trust and believe that just because people are doing good in life, they most definitely aren’t on assistance. Section 8 ? Please, alothoughthe idea of paying $10-20 for rent sounds great. How about…instead of getting on the Internet and talking to other people portraying yourself to be so mature and grown up, you own up to you’re own mistakes. Admit that the only person that is in control of your destiny, and your child’s is you. No one else. The passage screams “hater” not “mature young adult”…sorry! Maybe if you gave people their props, some of their success would rub off on you. And you can’t really say anything to hurt a persons feelings …when you get on the Internet and post assumptions, besides reality. So yeah umm…look in the mirror thanks!


    1. I’m none of the above, this is all matter of opinion just from things that I see no one is trying to bring anyone down, you can say it’s “young adult” and that’s fine because I am a young adult 22, and if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it. Simple this post is not directed towards anyone just a general post that I see happening trust and believe if it was meant for a certain person that person name would be all through it and you can hurt someone by putting their business out there


      1. Shut up ugly . Like I said get your mad ass on somewhere. Speak FACTS not assumptions. Get some funds! Okay. And funny how you say putting someone’s business out there can embarrass them…put your own out there, YOU ARE AN EMBARASSMENT.


      2. It takes much for someone to know you? Since when? Seeing how you slept unprotected with a STRANGER and had a kid …lol . Shall I proceed. Ugly ass broke ass bitch lying ass bitch…now go run and tell that.


  2. I hate a tough ass Internet / text message bitch. Won’t do shit in person…but suck somebody else’s boyfriends dick! Cause nobody wants your ugly black ass you have to settle being a side hoe.


    1. I feel like 2 women of color should demean themselves an act this way period, I mean Im terrible on social sites and stuff but , I feel like we as a race need to uplift ourselves.


  3. You’re a “young adult” ? You’re so mature right…yet you agreed to fucking someone unprotected you BARELY KNEW…well I should say barely KNOW because even after having a kid you STILL don’t really know the guy. Knowing he had a girlfriend, and a newborn kid. That’s grown? Then being bitter because he doesn’t want your ass so you won’t allow your son around his **unconfirmed sibling …then get on here trying to take shots because you’re broke and struggling still living with parents and driving a shitty ass car. Nobody’s on section 8 bitch it’s called being a real grown woman handling business okay learn something


    1. Bye Shanice, you don’t have your facts and I was never even talking about you never been worried about you but please continue to tell all the things Jaron has shared with you about my life😂 I sure do live at home don’t have a shitty car and was never a side hoe but continue because you know what I do


      1. Lmfaaaoooo what do you do? Please inform me …what the fuck are you gonna do? And never a side hoe? What the fuck were you? Lmao! He has a damn girlfriend, had a damn girlfriend & a newborn and you were FULLY AWARE OF THAT. Never got taken on a single date, didn’t know his family (still don’t) , nor his friends, nor him really… No tattoo of your name on him…not even that little unwanted kid is tatted on him, no posts on social media, no recognition whatsoever…Just got fucked! And was left mad and bitter with a baby you can’t take care of so you live off your parents, still ugly as fuck , can’t dress for shit ! And bitter…lying ass sneak fussing mad ass SCARY ASS BITCH. Now go run and tell his mom I’m picking on you so we can laugh again .broke, bitter &ugly… It must suck to be you!!!


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