Poor Heart……

What do you do when you know someone and things are going pretty well between the two of you and then things just stop out of the blue or the situation changes and now you have mixed feelings and emotions about a person. Like you feel like things should or could be better if things never changed or the sudden stop of whatever it was between the two of you never stopped for whatever reason that it did. But you also feel like when it stopped everything changed and nothing was the same(lol drake reference) but you can’t tell for sure if it’s still going to be the same as it was before or you have a totally different situation in front of you…….what if you decided to let your heart decide and even then you still can’t figure out how you should go about it, like do you put yourself in a situation where you could possibly get yourself hurt and looking stupid or it’s going to be back to the way it was before. 
How can you tell when you’re being paranoid or just cautious about getting hurt yet again, not knowing what someone’s intentions are is possibly the scariest thing that you can ever face no matter how good you think things are. Ill-willed intentions from one person and a willing person is a toxic mix. The kind of combinations that really messes with a persons thought process and ability to connect with people on that kind of level. How can you even approach a person with the feelings you’re facing and properly explain yourself when you don’t even know what’s going on and how you feel about it? How can it be cleared when you can’t even get a clear process in your own head.
Should you just let things flow and go as the please and deal with situations as they come about or should you man up or lady up and take the step towards figuring out what’s going on. Even the best of feelings can be wrong if they not shared. Knowing is the best thing even when it’s not what you want it to be, it’s still better than being led on by your own stubbornness and getting yourself into a situation where you hurt and feeling stupid when it could’ve all been avoided with a simple conversation that can make everything clear as day. But how do you go about starting that conversation when you really don’t know how you feel or if the other person is even feeling you like that and it’s really just all in your head. How can you avoid the embarrassment of putting yourself out there and it not even be as serious as you thought it was…….
Or could it just be you, could you be that kind of person that is just way to nice and ultimately taking advantage of or taken for granted…could it be that you’re expecting this to be a certain way because that’s how you are but they really not because the other person doesn’t have the same mindset as you do. You have this thing about you and you just care and feel too much too soon and the people that you give yourself to know this and use that against you and you just end up wondering why this always happen to you. How do you guard yourself for yourself? How can you not give that vibe off of “I care entirely too much” and still have the same experience without being taking advantage of…..

What makes things so difficult is not being able to separate feelings and facts getting to the root of all things with mixed emotions and 


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