Bio time! So the name is Alina but from here on out I shall be referring to myself as PlaneJane(yes it’s spelled like airplane I know what I did there) writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember so obviously a blog is something that  just makes complete sense right. Writing started off as just a hobby sort of a pass time but sometime after my 15th birthday it became more of a release, an outlet on life. There’s no better feeling than losing yourself in the world of creative writing, so it only made since for me to take interest in all things that are creative. Not only do I love to write but photography is also a big interest in my life so why not combine two things that I love and make a career out of it? I’m in school for mass media(well technically I’m in school for liberal arts.) Along the lines of photography I’m also into fashion and all things hair and nails, so come fall I will be going to school for cosmetology (I know those are all really random fields how is that going to work) but I have a plan for all my “random” life choices and plan for all this madness. In the mist of all my craziness(or should I say as it began) I became a mother to a handsome little man.Who just so happens to be the best part of my life thus far! Being a mother has to be the most stressful yet rewarding things that I’m blessed to have the chance to do.My son has become my biggest motivational factor to take things more seriously and really getting on my grind to make all these things happen. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to blog about and I kinda still don’t but now I’m not letting that stop me from getting started and going for what I want! So whit that being said this blog will not have any kind of strict topic but will be more of me trying to figure out how I want to combine all of my different lifestyle choices into one giant career style. So without further delay I welcome you to my page,  taking flight into new things….


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